Vamp Protection systems - Wind Power center ARC Protection
Vamp Protection Systems was established in April 2008 and is subsidiary of Vamp in Finland.
Vamp Protection System will be focusing on supporting the growing Wind Power Segment and be VAMP’s center for Wind Power Applications.
VAMP stands for flexibility

VAMP Headquarter
VAMP Ltd is a Finnish company specializing in the design and manufacture of protection relays needed for electrical generation and distribution
Our customers are international manufacturers of low and medium voltage switchgear, industrial installations, utility companies, power plants as well as consultation companies.
Due to our small and flexible organization, we have always time to lend an ear to our customers' wishes concerning the product development or product customization.
Our success is based on our competitive products and our long-term parthnership with the customers.
VAMP is the world leading manufacturer of ARC protection.

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